Patmos Island, Greece. House for sale in Patmos island, Dodecanese, Greece

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Patmos house sale
Patmos house sale Patmos house sale Patmos house sale Patmos house sale Patmos house sale
Patmos house for sale


Patmos house for sale

This magnificently positioned, Patmos villa is in οne of the best locations right in the center of Patmos island, in the harbour of Skala. It is located on the road that leads to the Monastery of St. John, apx. 500 metres from the center of the port.

The house is a 1979 construction and measures 310 sq.m² in total. The building is set on two floors - on the first floor there is the main house whilst on the ground floor there are two self-contained one bedroom apartments; one on each side of the house facade.

The main house consists of 3 large bedrooms all with their own balconies/windows overlooking the road and the Monastery, 1 very spacious kitchen that has access to a little backyard, an attractive living/dining room with windowns all around, and a bathroom - the total surface of the house is appx. 150 sq.m².

Each apartment on the ground floor consists of a spacious entrance area (which can be used as a living space), a kitchen, an independent bedroom, a bathroom and a small storage room - total surface of each apartment appx. 75 sq.m².

The building is surrounded by a garden with flowers and trees while both the house and the apartments have their balconies and yards. In the basement of the building there is a very large warehouse equal to the building's total surface. The warehouse is accessed via a door to the side of the building. The house also disposes of its own water deposit.

There is tremendous potential to develop additional accommodation both on the house terrace or on both sides of the apartments. This offers any new owners total privacy and/or a significant investment opportunity.

The house is ideally located midway between the harbour and the Monastery (walking distance from harbour) and the nearest beach is about 700meters away. Shops, tavernas and restaurants are spread around the harbour front and are immediately accessible.

The house is available for sale either in its totality or separately as required by any new owners.


Patmos house for sale

Patmos house for sale







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Patmos ( Greek, Πάτμος ; Italian : Patmo ) is a small Greek island in the Aegean Sea. One of the northernmost islands of the Dodecanese complex, it has a population of 2,984 and an area of 34.05 km² (13 square miles). The highest point is Profitis Ilias, 269 meters above sea level. The Municipality of Patmos , which includes the offshore islands of Arkoi (pop. 54), Marathi (pop. 6), and several uninhabited islets, has a total population of 3,044 (2001 census) and a combined land area of 45.039 km². It is part of the Kalymnos peripheral unit.

Patmos' main communities are Chora (the capital city), and Skala, the only commercial port. Other settlements are Grikou and Kampos. The churches and communities on Patmos are of the Eastern Orthodox tradition. In 1999, the island's historic center Chora, along with the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian and the Cave of the Apocalypse, were declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. The monastery was founded by Saint Christodulos. Patmos is also home to the Patmian School, a notable Greek seminar.

Patmos is mentioned in the Christian scriptural Book of Revelation. The book's introduction states that its author, John , was on Patmos when he was given (and recorded) a vision from Jesus. Early Christian tradition identified this writer John of Patmos as John the Apostle , though some modern scholars are uncertain. As such, Patmos is a destination for Christian pilgrimage . Visitors can see the cave where John is said to have received his Revelation (the Cave of the Apocalypse ), and several monasteries on the island are dedicated to Saint John.


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