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Agathonissi Island |
Information on Agathonissi holidays - Greece
Agathonissi island: Agathonissi information - Agathonissi holidays - Dodecanese, Greece
Highly representative amongst the tiny Greek islands, Agathonissi remains even now an unspoilt destination.
The little white-washed houses built according to the local architecture, the tiny gardens and the kind nature of its inhabitants come in contrast with the dry climate and land which give the island of Agathonissi a purely unique character to this lonely standing little island. There are three villages on the island except the harbour Ag Georgios: Katholiko, a practically abandoned fishing village, Megalo Chorio, where most islanders live, and Mikro Chorio. Agathonissi is an ideal place to visit for those who wish to spend their holidays away from mass tourism as it is one of the last "paradise" islands of the Aegean sea.
About Agathonissi island
Agathonissi island: Agathonissi information - Agathonissi holidays - Dodecanese, Greece Agathonissi is the northest island of the Dodecanese complex of islands, located NA of the Sporades complex of islands and 8 nautical miles from the Asia Minor coast. The shape of Agathonissi resembles that of a donkey and that is why some of its names in past times were "Gaidaros" and "Gaidouronissi" ("gaidaros" for donkey and in Greek). With a surface of about 13 sq kms Agathonissi has 32 kms of crystal-clear water coastlines! You will find numerous secluded and well protected bays to enjoy your swim! We are sure that its many natural beauties will enchant you...
Agathonisi Beaches
There are many small bays that you can discover on your own. If you like, you can also stay at the beach of Ag Georgios. Ormos Cochilia ("Shell Bay") is a lovely beach.
Agathonisi island useful information
Area code: +30 224370
Police: 29029
Municipality: 29009
First Aid: 29049
Agathonissi Festivals/Feasts
Visit the island during Easter to taste the traditional lamb stuffed with rice, and make sure to be there on August 23rd to dance with the locals at the Panaghia (Virgin Mary) feast!
Agathonissi SITES/History
Inhhabited since antiquity, Agathonissi according to ancient historians, writers and geographers was named YETOUSSA. It changed various names to its current, which declares the kind character ot its inhabitants ("agathos" for good in Greek). Agathonissi consists of three settlements - St. George (which is also the island's harbour), Megalo Chorio and Micro Chorio. Agathonissi island: Agathonissi information - Agathonissi holidays - Dodecanese, GreeceFrom an archaeological view, on Agathonissi there are many Byzantine findings as well as numerous churches and chapels. You will definitely visit the unique in their kind throughout the Dodecanese complex of islands "Domes", Byzantine sites most likely to have been used for storing food supplies.
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::: How to get to Agathonisi island information

Airplane schedules:
There are no flights to Agathonisi. You may fly to Samos or Kos and from there catch a hydrofoil.

::: Ferry Boat and hydrofoil information for Agathonisi:
Agathonisi is connected to Samos, Kalimnos and Patmos.

You will take the ferry to one of those islands and from there catch a local boat or hydrofoil to Agathonissi.

More information and scedules on Agathonisi ferry boats and hydrofoils:

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Piraeus Port Authority
Tel: +30 210 4226000

Rhodes Port Authority
Tel: +30 22410 28888/22410 22220

::: Ferry boat connections from Agathonissi to other islands:

Dodecanese Islands: Kalimnos, Patmos
Cyclades Islands: Samos

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