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Lindos – Rhodes

With a maze of narrow cobbled streets and white washed houses that seemingly cling to the hillside that’s topped with an Acropolis, Lindos is one of the most visited and photographed areas on the island. A preservation order ensures that the village is not subject to change, and the narrow streets ensure that the only traffic you’ll see is the donkey!!

In order to make your way to the top of the Acropolis itself, you can take advantage of the donkey taxi service, however it’s not recommended on the way back down as they have been known to race back knowing that they get fed and watered!
Definitely worth a visit, the Acropolis is where you’ll find the remaining Doric columns of the Temple of Athena Lindia and you’ll be able to take photos of the surrounding area from the highest point. On the way up you can also admire and photograph the stone carving of a Hellenistic ship which was the work of the sculptor Pythokritos in the 2nd century BC, and is thought to be almost life size.
Lindos was once a very prosperous fishing village, and you can still enjoy an excellent lunch or dinner there with a choice of beachside or rooftop venues, and the pretty bay of St Paul’s is definitely a must for a swim in the cool clear water.
The local ladies sell hand embroidered lace items, a tradition that dates back to Alexander the Great but you’ll also find a wealth of shopping to be had in the myriad of shops.
The atmosphere changes completely at night time, and Lindos really comes alive with it’s cafes bars and clubs., however there are also some little quiet romantic venues to be found with lovely views across the sea.

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